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SOLD, More Coming! New 2020 Value Hauler Wedge (Black/Charcoal) 8′ X 16′ (5,200lb Axles) + 6″ E.H. Anniversary Pkg Cargo Trailer

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New 2020

Model: VHW816TA3

Axles: (2) 5,200 lb (Rated @ 9,800 lbs GVWR)

Tires: 205 75 R15

Empty Weight: 3,025 lbs

Carrying Capacity: 6,775 lbs

Interior Width: 7′ 6″ (81″ Between Fender Wells)

Rear Door Width: 6′ 9″

Standard Interior Height: 6′ 4″ + 6″ Additional Height= 6′ 10″

Standard Rear Door Height: 5′ 11″ + 6″ Additional Height= 6′ 5″

Currently In Stock & Available For Purchase:

SOLD, More Coming!- NEW 2020 VHW816TA3- (2-Tone) Black Front/Charcoal Rear- Rear RAMP Door, 5,200lb Axles, 6″ Extra Height, *Anniversary Package- Package Includes: Upgraded Aluminum Metal Thickness (From .024″ to .030″), Upgraded One-Piece Aluminum Roof, RV Latch on Side Door, 2-Tone Exterior, Upgraded Aluminum Checker Plate Stoneguard (From 16″ to 24″), Brite-Dip Aluminum (6″ on Sides, Front Nose, Front Corners and Around Rear Door), Upgraded Radial Tires, 1 LED Interior Light (2 Total) with Wall Switch and Fold Down Rear Stabilizer Jacks- Please Call For Price

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*Although we do our best to supply accurate/up to date pictures of all of our inventory, pictures may vary slightly from unit(s) available for purchase.  Unit information, pricing and availability displayed are all subject to change, without notice*

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