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SOLD, More Coming! NEW 2020 Auto Plus 8.5′ X 18′ + 4′ V-NOSE (5,200LB Axles) Car/Sled Combo Trailer

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Basic Details

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  • Trailer Style: Car Hauler/Snowmobile Trailer , Cargo Trailer
  • Year: 2020
  • Ext color: White/Black
  • Int color: White
  • (2) Fuel Doors

      (2) Roof Vents

        (4) 12V Interior Lights on (2) Wall Switches

          (4) 5,000lb Recessed D-Ring Tie Downs

            (9) 2,000lb Recessed D-Ring Tie Downs

              *Appearance Package

                12" High Checkerplate Kickplate on Sidewalls

                  12V LED Porch Light

                    16" O/C Floor Cross Members

                      16" O/C Roof Bows

                        16″ O/C Wall Studs

                          2 5/16" Coupler

                            2-Tone Exterior

                              24" Front Stone Guard

                                3 Year Warranty

                                  48" Side Entry Door with RV Latch

                                    54" Escape Door Over Fender

                                      6" I-Beam Main Frame

                                        All LED Interior Lighting

                                          Aluminum Rims

                                            Drive-Over Wheel Wells

                                              Electric Brakes (Both Axles)

                                                Finished White Vinyl Interior Ceiling

                                                  Finished White Vinyl Interior Walls

                                                    Front Ramp Door

                                                      Greasable Hubs

                                                        LED Exterior Lighting

                                                          No-Show Beavertail

                                                            One-Piece Aluminum Roof

                                                              Radial Tires

                                                                Rear Ramp Door

                                                                  Screwless Exterior

                                                                    Torsion Axles

                                                                      Triple Tube Tongue

                                                                        Upgraded Black "Nudo" Floor & Ramp Door(s)

                                                                          Weight Distribution Plates

                                                                            New 2020

                                                                            Make: Continental Cargo

                                                                            Model: AP8.518TA3

                                                                            Size: 8.5′ wide x 18′ long + 4′ V-nose (22′ Total)

                                                                            Axles: (2) 5,200lbs (Rated @ 9,800lbs GVWR)

                                                                            Tires: 225 75 R15

                                                                            Empty Weight: 4,130 lbs

                                                                            Carrying Capacity: 5,670 lbs

                                                                            Interior Width: 8′ (81″ Between Fender Wells)

                                                                            Rear Door Width: 7′ 5″

                                                                            Interior Height: 6′ 6″

                                                                            Rear Door Height: 6′ 2″

                                                                            Currently In Stock & Available For Purchase:

                                                                            SOLD, More Coming!- NEW 2020 AP8.518TA3- (2-Tone) White Front/Black Rear- Rear RAMP Door, 5,200lb Axles, *Appearance Package, 54″ Escape Door, Drive-Over Wheel Wells, 4′ Front V-Nose, Front Ramp Door, 16″ O/C Roof Bows, (2) Fuel Doors, 12V Exterior Porch Light, Finished White Vinyl Interior Roof, Finished White Vinyl Interior Walls with 12″ Checkerplate Kickplate, (9) 2,000lb Recessed D-rings, Weight Distribution Plates, Upgraded Black “Nudo” Floor & Ramp Doors, Helmet Cabinet- Please Call For Price

                                                                            *Appearance Package Includes: 6” High Aluminum Checker Plate on Bottom of Exterior Side Walls (running the length of the trailer-both sides) and Anodized Finish Around Rear Door

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